Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Art Department Travelogue - Ethan Weber

Art Major Ethan Weber has recently returned from his Mueller Humanities Fellowship funded trip to Italy.

The Fellowship annually provides monies to fund student proposed self-enrichment projects by Blackburn students majoring in the Humanities, i.e., Art, English, History, Performing Arts, Spanish, or Speech. It offers Blackburn students the opportunity, at no cost to the individual, to create, develop and pursue special projects in their specific areas of interest.

In Italy, Ethan traveled to Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Genoa, Pisa, and Sienna. During his travels he visited many art museums including the Uffizi, the Accademia in Florence, and the Vatican Museums. Below are some photos that were taken along the way.

Outdoor Sculpture Museum

Street Artist in Florence

The Boboli Gardens in Florence

Ethan holding Pigeons outside the Duomo in Milan

View of the Main Canal in Venice

The Duomo in Milan

Sunset along the Arno River in Florence