Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dharmaraja Ratha

“The Dharmaraja Ratha is a hindu temple from the Pallava period (mid-7th century.)
During the Pallava dynasty, Hindu art flourished in southern India.
These works were most likely commissioned by Mamalla I.
A wonderful version of a southern-styled Hindu temple is the Dharmaraja Ratha.
Two art forms are fused in these monuments by reproducing architecture in sculpture form.
The process for carving these large architectural sculptures is similar to that developed by the sculptors of the Buddhist cave-temples, but here the rathas are masses in space not space in masses.
ratha is a vehicle of the gods, carved from a series of boulder out-crops.
An exterior statue is a portrait of Mamalla I, posed stiffly to show authority, like a god.”

Post written by Amelia Kirby

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