Monday, October 3, 2016

The Two Fridas

The Two Fridas
Initial Reaction:
The lines in the painting Frida Kahlo, The Two Fridas, are delicate. The lines are not too bold, that makes it easier to look at the painting for its meaning, opposed to judging it on its artistic quality. I found the texture to be somewhat smooth, showing qualities of an oil painting. The way the women in the painting are presented makes the painting look longer even though it is supposed to be more of a square. I would describe the background of this setting as “swirling”, I feel as though it makes the painting look busy.  The colors in this painting are vibrant and the multiple colors really stick out. The focal points for me were the hearts of the women, how they are connected and visible.

After Research:

After researching this painting I found that Frida completed it shortly after her divorce from Diego Rivera. After reading that I had a different outlook on the painting and it made more sense. It made more sense that she was going through a heartbreak and that is possibly why the hearts are the focal point. She made this painting as a statement about the way she was feeling. This is an oil painting done on canvas. I also learned that Frida often included human anatomy in her work, because before bus accident she was studying to be a doctor.  This painting was created in 1939 and is currently on display in Mexico City. This is considered one of Frida Kahlo’s most notable painting.

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