Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chinese Structures

Structure is defined as the action of building : construction, : something (as a building) that is constructed. Most times when people think of structure they refer to the old, or ancient as some people prefer to call it, buildings. What I would like to talk about is the bifference between modern and ancient chinese structres.

These picures are examples of ancient chinese structure. In these pictures you can see how the chinese decorated and spent alot of time on the detail of the roof. Not many people know why the chinese made building the way they did because chinese architecture is the least studied of the world's great architectural traditions from the west. The ancient buildins seem to really love the u shape for the roofs. Every picture of ancient chinese architecure has had the u shape roof.

These pictures are some examples of modern chinese srtuctres. They are completely different from the ancient buildings that I have seen. They almost seem as if they are futuristic. They seem to go beyond the normal modern buildings we have here in America and expand to a more advance composition.

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