Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trip to SLAM

Above is my personal photo I took while at SLAM,
and the photo below is an image of the same sculpture from www.
Guanyin is a Buddhist deity. This sculpture was made in China during the 11th century in the Northern Song dynasty (960-1127). It is made of wood, gesso, and pigment with gilding.

Throughout the St. Louis Art Museum I found many other cultures' art to be astounding, but there was nothing that really hit me until I walked through the Asian collection. This piece is Guanyin lounging. It really effected me because it was so powerful, yet really delicately made.

The material in which it was made from alone was the most influential part of it. I took the wood as being very natural, and Guanyin being carved from nature its self was amazing. It tied into the religion in that one can meditate to become one with nature, so essentially, this is personafying it.

Another thing that really hit me was that he was up high on a pedestal. I liked it because it was the highest piece in the room so aestically caused it to be more demandive of attention and it really drew your eye to it. It also symbolizes a transcending effect towards heaven and after life.

Finally, the thing that was most appealing about it to me was the pigment was still shining through the centuries old wood. The colors were still very bright and vivid for the wood being so old and going through so much. The colors made the gesture of the lounging Guanyin move and relax.

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