Thursday, November 19, 2009

Animals in African Folk Art

Crocodile made of recycled bug spray can, South Africa.
Folk art in its broadest sense means art derived from a people, or folk, as distinguished from the products of professional artists. A brief description of folk art is that it comes from groups of people who live within the general framework of a developed society but who are, for reasons of geographical or cultural isolation, largely cut off from the more advanced artistic productions of their time. It is the art of peasants, shepherds, sailors fisherfolks, artisans, and small trades people who live away from cultural urban centers in nations that are not heavily industrialized. Folk art is art that is produced by people who are not formally educated in art. They generally use materials that are common in everyday life. Folk artists create for the sake of creating something. In Africa, there are many folk artists. African folk art is usually created with household objects, metal objects, toys, textiles, masks, wood sculpture and more. The images that I have here are images of small sculptures that were made in South Africa of recycled products.

Cow made of recycled plastic bottle tops and can, South Africa

Most of the African folk art I have seen is bright, vibrant and full of life. Their art is reflecting their life. Most artists commonly use Coca Cola products too because of the life support they have provided for people in African countries. It is the art of expression and they make little products that they desire or want to have. It is kind of the spirit of wishful thinking.

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