Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Anubis - Guardian of the Dead


Anubis is the Egyptian god of the dead, Mummification, Embalming, Magic and the Guardian and Guide of Lost Souls and Orphans. In addition, Anubis weighed and judged the hearts of the dead. He is also the Egyptian version of the personification of time. Anubis is depicted most commonly as a human form with a black Jackal head or just as a black Jackal.

Anubis is one of Ancient Egypt's oldest gods, but when Osiris was introduce Anubis was 'demoted' and turned into one of the sons of Osiris. Anubis is also the son of Nephthys, the wife of Set. Unlike his Step-Father/Uncle, Anubis shows compassion and dislike of cause havoc for civilization. He was quickly abandoned by both his mother and step-father. Osiris' wife Isis found him and raised him as her own and Anubis later became her guardian and helper.

Anubis was a guardian in more ways than one. As a guardian of Lost Souls and Orphans, he not only protected them from harm but guided them. Anubis protected the innocent from Ammut during the judging of the heart. He also protected his adoptive mother Isis from Set as she went about her journey to reclaim all the pieces of Osiris' body and bring him back to life.

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