Wednesday, November 4, 2015

File:Bharat Mata.jpg  

Bharat Mata Description                   

 This painting demonstrates a highly simplistic style, utilizing large amounts of empty space around the figure as well as the muted color palate. The primary colors throughout this piece range from warm oranges down to soft greens. This use of color allows for a blended value within the painting.Cylinders and circles create the basic shape of the woman and again lends a softness to the piece.The lines that are used in this painting are extremely clean and precise, the woman and the objects are clearly outlined. 

There is a sense of balance and unity created by this painting. The woman's arms are positioned in a very natural and proportionate way, giving her a realistic appearance. The lightening of color and the highlight of blue behind her head emphasizes the woman's face as the focal point. The graceful way the woman is standing gives the piece a sense of movement, the eye naturally flows from her face down to her feet. 

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