Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Bill Reid, Killer Whale, Description

Bill Reid, Killer Whale

Bill Reid’s Killer Whale is a beautiful mixture of curved, flowing lines and hard edges.  The large, cylindrical head blends in to the crescent form of the body.  The crescent form can also be seen in the fins and tail, repeating a number of times throughout the work.  A hard-edged, flowing U shape outlines the mouth.  Inside, the teeth are represented as a series of interlocking, repeating triangle shapes.  The repeating circular shapes enhance the large spherical eyes.  The smooth and polished body is inlayed with circular and organic shapes.

The contrast between the soft flowing curves and hard edges create a very striking piece.  The repeating forms and shapes strengthen the sculpture by creating balance throughout.  The flowing crescent shapes create a sense of movement and guide the viewer’s eye through the entire piece.  As the tail delicately rests on the base, the space surrounding the sculpture gives it a sense of weightlessness.

Photo Credit: Travis S.

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