Friday, September 11, 2009

Adam and Eve: Western and Eastern

It is undeniable that different cultures of the world have different explanations for the creation of the world. Though the religious standards of these cultures differ, some aspects of the story ring true to have the same representation in character and art. Adam and Eve are the focal point of these creation stories, and as well as in religious script, they are portrayed in art. There are similarities in the Quran and the bible about Adam and Eve, thus making aspects of there art concepts similar.

Western interpretations of Adam and Eve

This is a painting of Adam and Eve from western cultures. The anatomy of the bodies and making them look more realistic is the main objective of this piece. The concern for ascetics in this piece pull away from the actual story. In western cultures and in Christianity, Eve, the woman, is the one to take the apple from the serpent and gave it to Adam. In this, the creation story is based on the sinfulness of the humans making this religion begin on the platform that all are sinners.

Islamic Adam and Eve

In eastern cultures the story varies and this religion, among others, is concentrated around the nature and earth that is being developed in the story. In the piece above, the Islamic Adam and Eve are colorful but flats characters of the portrait. Everything in the piece is more concentrated on the scenery and abounding natural life in the Garden of Eden. In this religion they think more about being one with nature and enlightenment rather than disobeying certain standards to forever be considered a sinner.

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