Monday, September 21, 2009

Discord in Art

"Savage State" by Thomas Cole

"Desolation" by Thomas Cole

Kali Standing on Shiva

There are many examples of artwork which include the idea of Discord. Discord being a disagreement or lack of harmony between persons or things.  One work of art consists of Kali standing on top of the body of Shiva.  Shiva is the creator and destroyer and Kali is often related to war along with time and change.  Pictured above is an illustration of Kali standing on the body of Shiva.  Ironically, Shiva showed up to stop the aggression of Kali and in the end, Kali calmed down.  It's ironic because Shiva is a creator and destroyer and she stopped Kali from destroying.  These two different aspects of destroying and creating would be considered discord.  Kali is often shown as a black figure referring to death while Shiva is often a lighter color and covered in white ash which also shows discord.

In western art, Thomas Cole did a series of five paintings called "The Course of the Empire."  This series shows the growth and fall of a made up city.  The series consists of "The Savage State, The Arcadian State, The Consummation of Empire, The Destruction of Empire, and Desolation."  This series depicts how the rise and fall of man occurs or the creation then destruction of human power which relates to Kali and Shiva.    

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