Thursday, September 17, 2009


Discord is the lack of concord or harmony between persons or things, Ex. marital discord. It's also a disagreement or difference of opinion. Some synonyms are strife, dispute, and war. These words all tie into gods and goddesses in the Hindu religion.
Two of the main controversial gods to me are Shiva and Devi. We all know that Shiva and Devi ( also known as Parvati) had two children, what some didn’t know is that they were rumored to have a third child. His name was Andhaka. One day Parvati closed Shiva's eyes with her hands and instantly darkness fell over the world. The goddess hands were drenched in Shiva's fluid born of passion, and when this was heated by the heat of Shiva's third eye it grew into a horrendous child, blind and ghastly. Parvati still loved and cared for the child. But as Andhaka grew, he became a demon lusting for his own mother, and was eventually put to death by Shiva.
I chose this story because Shiva didn’t want anymore children, but Parvati went and disobeyed him any way. As a result of this a demon child was born. Discord was present from the beginning till the end; especially when Andhaka was put to death.

In this picture Shiva is killing his son Andhaka. When I saw this I coludn’t make out what was happening, but when I really looked at it it became interesting. After all these year the definition is still there. At the top of the picture you can see the gods or demon, I’m not sure which, watching what Shiva is doing. To me it shows what kind of powwer he has. No one is trying to impose on what he’s doing. He also exsudes power with the weapon he has in his right hand. This picture shows the rath and strenth of Shiva.

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