Friday, November 11, 2016

Amida Description

    This piece is a Buddha figure created in 1053 by the artist Jocho.  There is a lot of line quality in this piece. There is an intricate line design in the part behind the main Buddha; this leads your eye right to that detail. There is also line quality in the shapes that the figure is sitting upon. The shapes the lines make up look like the figure is resting on some leaves. The color is a gold gild. The gild lays on top of wood which the statue is made of. With the different layers of gilding you can see value. Areas around the Buddha's head and shoulders make it seems as if there is a shadow being cast on the piece. The texture of the piece looks smooth, except for the outline of the robe on his chest, that almost looks rough or uneven. That also has to do with form, you can see the many different aspects of this statue, from the arms being defined, to the form of the head. 
    There is lots of contrast to this piece, from the design on the back of the "throne" to how that contrasts with the figure to make it appear as if he is sitting on something. There is also balance in the piece to where the colors balance with the texture. You can separate the piece into sections; one being the figure and the other being the throne. Along with that the piece is symmetrical. There is a pattern in the part behind the Buddha; its almost as if its abstract. On both sides the line pattern is the same. The proportions fit very well in this piece. The throne is just big enough so the figure sitting in it does not look too big or too small. The artist placed a lot of emphasis on the line detail and the leaf shapes. Even though they are not the main focus of the statue, attention is drawn to that area. 

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