Friday, November 11, 2016

Killer Whale Description

     Bill Reid uses designs drawn from the Haida culture. There is a use of large crescent shapes in this piece, mainly shown in the curvature of the main body mass. The color is is a dark neutral bronze that has a few areas of more intense shines on it due to the material it is made of. The low relief on Killer Whale follows the curvature of the form rather than contrasting with it. 

Killer Whale is divided into three main sections: the head, the top fin, and the back fins. This allows the piece to follow the rule of thirds. There is also equally complementing negative spaces that correlate to the three main sections. The contrast in this piece lies in the relation of the background to the actual piece. There is a stark difference in the smooth metallic form of this piece and the lush natural scenery that surrounds it.

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