Friday, November 11, 2016

The Seduction of Yusuf- Description

    The painting, Seduction of Yusuf, was done by Persian painter Bihzad. The lines in this painting are subtle but straight. This painting has a contrasting tone, all of the rooms have different colors and patterns within them. The texture seems to be smooth as if was painted on a canvas or some sort of paper. One thing that stuck out to me the most was the shape of the picture; it is very geometric. Throughout the picture there are squares, triangles, and rectangles that basically build the whole painting.

   I would describe the movement of this art piece to be flowing because when you look at it your eyes are automatically drawn to look through the rooms as if the people were moving through them. The colors of this painting are quite vibrant, multiple color combinations are used. It does seem to be a little worn making the colors slightly faded.  My favorite part about this painting is the visual variety it contains. Each rooms have their own detail, some with beautiful patterns and others with elegant calligraphy. Every room is like its own individual piece and then all put together making a very elaborate painting. 

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